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VIB Appointment –

Unlimited Guests - $299

During Ellen’s Bridal’s exclusive “Very Important Bride” Appointment, you and your guests will enjoy the boutique all to yourselves in an extended two-hour appointment with unlimited seating, refreshments, drinks, customizable music, and a non-alcoholic champagne celebration when you say Yes To YOUR Dress. We will have a special gift box for the Bride, including an Ellen’s Bridal T-shirt, Exclusive Ellen’s Bridal Candle, Bridal Robe, 20% off all accessories and $150 off your dream dress. VIB appointments are available on weekdays and Wednesday or Thursday evenings.


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Champagne Sunday Appointment – Up To 5 Guests - $99

Upgrade your bridal appointment for you and your guests with an extended two-hour bridal appointment with non-alcoholic champagne. PLUS a gift box for the Bride with an Ellen’s Bridal T-Shirt and an Exclusive Ellen’s Bridal Candle. Give us a call at 260-563-6565 to make special arrangements for more than 5 guests. Available Sundays only.


Dress Reveal Party - $59

Enjoy an extended one-hour dress pick-up appointment while sipping non-alcoholic champagne and receiving 20% off all accessories purchased that day. Dress Reveal Parties are available on weekdays and Wednesday or Thursday evenings.




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