Wedding Dress Silhouettes and Styles

Wedding Dress Silhouettes and Styles

Wedding Dress Silhouettes and Styles. Mobile Image

Dec 30, 2019

A-line, and ballgown, and mermaidoh my! If these words sound foreign to you, have no fear! We are here to sort out the confusing world of wedding dress silhouettes and styles. Knowing the type of style you are drawn to prior to your appointment can be helpful; however, dont be surprised if you end up in a silhouette that you didnt think you would like. You never truly know how it will look until you try it on!

A little disclaimer: we discuss how each silhouette may accentuate and camouflage different parts of the body. This is not to say that we think you should camouflage any part of your body, flaunt it if you want, but we are also human and know that sometimes we want to show off some things and hide some others. You do you!

A-Line Wedding Dres Silhouette


First on our list is an A-line gown. This style is fairly easy to spot since its name hints at the silhouette. When looking at a dress, if the skirt angles out starting at the waist, as if to form the legs of a capital A, it is A-line. As you can see in the photo above, the skirt gradually flows out starting with the smallest point at the waist. This style is great if you have a tiny waist that you want to accentuate and some hips and/or booty that you want to camouflage.

Ballgown Wedding Dress


Next up is ballgown. This is the traditional silhouette that has proven its worth for many generations, and its probably what you think of when you first think of a traditional wedding dress. Unlike its close sister (the A-line gown), the skirt of a ballgown has much more volume. Under the skirt are many layers of tulle to create the big, full, ballgown skirt. It might also have a lengthy train, and ballgowns are oftentimes a lot heavier than A-line gowns thanks to all the extra fabric. Some things to think about when considering a ballgownif you are on the shorter side, a ballgown might swallow you up and make you look shorter than you actually are. They also have a tendency to cupcake at the hips. At first, it might seem that a ballgown would camouflage the hip area; however, we often find that it accentuates it by poofing out in that area. Again, you never truly know how it will look on your body type until you try it! Ballgowns might be the perfect silhouette for brides that are looking to balance a larger top half with a smaller bottom half.

Empire Waist Dress

Empire Waist/High Waist

An empire waist or high waist is when the smallest part of the gown hits right under the bust. This style is more common in bridesmaids dresses and other formal dresses than it is in wedding gowns at this time. This is likely due to the fact that it is flattering on many body types so it is great for the bridal party. This style accentuates a tiny waist and seems to camouflage all other areas. It is also fairly bump-friendly, so it might be a good choice if you have any bridesmaids that are expecting!

Fit and Flare Wedding Dress Fit 'n Flare


Fit-n-flare is one of the most popular silhouettes right now. These gowns are fitted through the hip area and then flare out starting around the thighs. If you are looking for something to show off that booty, this is your silhouette. This style of gown will accentuate the hips, thighs, and booty, so be ready to rock it!

Trumpet Style Wedding Dress


A trumpet style is like if an A-line gown and a fit-n-flare gown had a baby. It is still fitted through and just below the waist (unlike the A-line) but flares out before the hip area (unlike the fit-n-flare). This silhouette will accentuate curves more than an A-line but will still camouflage the hip, thigh, and booty area more than a fit-n-flare.

Mermaid Wedding Dress


A mermaid gown is named after the fun, aquatic creature that has a tail instead of legs. From a distance, a mermaid gown will follow the silhouette of a mermaid tail. The mermaid silhouette is fitted through the waist, hips, and thighs and drastically flares out at the knees. Some things to think about when considering a mermaid gown is your ability to move in this style. When trying on a mermaid silhouette, walk around in it, sit down, try to go up and down some stairs (if you will be on the wedding day). Some brides feel that these gowns are too restrictive at the knees, but it is a great choice to accentuate your curves!

Sheath Wedding Dress


A sheath silhouette is straight down without any fit or flares to it. This silhouette will cling to the body and will highlight any curves you have. It is another timeless look and has a special elegance to it that many evening gowns emulate. This is a great style if you are looking for comfort or something you can wear to dance the night away!

Wedding Dress Silhouettes & StylesA Recap

Wow, thats a lot. We have covered A-line, Ballgown, Fit-n-Flare, Trumpet, Empire Waist, Mermaid, and Sheath. And if we are being completely honest, these styles frequently blur together. Some are between an A-line and a ballgown whereas others are almost trumpet but maybe a little fit-n-flare. The best piece of advice that we have is to look at different styles before you shop and have a few in mind that you think you would likeBUTdont be surprised if you end up liking a silhouette that you didnt think you would. You never truly know how a dress will lay until you try it on, so go for it!

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