The Ellen's Experience

The Ellen's Experience

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Feb 17, 2022

What Makes Ellens Bridal Different?

We know that you have hundreds of options when it comes to buying your wedding dress. Brides are flooded with options both in-person and online. So what have we done to make the Ellens Experience different than all the others? We are so glad you asked.

Step 1: The Ellens Interview

Before our brides even walk through our door, we have put in some serious work to prepare for the bridal appointment. When a bride books an appointment with us, we reach out via text to answer any questions that the bride might have about the upcoming appointment. We also send a link to a google form that is full of questions to help us personalize the Ellens Experience to each bride. We even ask for your Pinterest page to get a feel for your wedding day vision. It is one simple way that we feel we can go above and beyond to understand our brides a little more!

Step 2: Welcome to Ellens Bridal!

We personalize our welcome sign for the brides that will be visiting Ellens every day! Brides love to see their names on the sign, and its a great photo opportunity!

Step 3: The Greeting

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Have you ever walked into a store and had to awkwardly stand there for a while before someone assists you? Eek! Or even the opposite, the minute you walk in you feel pressured to buy?! Our stylists have gone through extensive training to find a happy medium. When you arrive, your bridal stylist will greet you at the door and get to know a little more about you. While we know most brides want to get their hands on dresses ASAP, we ease into the appointment so that everyone is comfortable. Appointments are an hour and a half, which is plenty of time for introductions, trying on dresses, and saying yes!

Step 4: The Private Bridal Suite

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Each bride is provided with a bridal suite complete with a large mirror, podium, and a bouquet. The entourage sits just outside the bridal suite, and your bridal stylist will dramatically pull back the curtain to reveal you when you are ready to show your guests a gown. When it is time to get all jacked up, we hand you a bouquet so you can get a vision of how you will look on the wedding day.

Step 5: Walk Down the Aisle' and Say Yes to the Dress!

(Photo by Alysia Olson Photography)

Want to see what your fiancé will see as you walk down the aisle to them? Well, you can do that at Ellens! Our store is laid out so that the bride can walk down the aisle toward a mirror in her favorite dresses to see what her fiancé will see on the big day. Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to know which dress is the one! Your guests will gather around you at the front of the store while you say yes to the dress!!

Step 6: Sign Your Married Name and Wedding Date

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After you say yes to the dress, you get to sign our wall of brides!! For so many brides, this is the first time theyve signed their future married name! But dont worry, we let you practice first if needed! Seeing your future name makes everything start to feel so real!

Step 8: Snap Some Photos

(Photo by Bailey Roberts Photography)

At Ellens, we have created multiple photo opportunities for you to capture this exciting day! From our I Said Yes! sign to our 3D flower wall, you are sure to grab some Instagram worthy photos!

Step 9: Pop the Champagne!

(Photo by Bailey Roberts Photography)

The celebration doesnt end at Ellens! We send each Ellens bride home with a bottle of champagne to continue the celebration of saying yes to the dress!!

Step 10: Sit Back and Relax

We remind our brides via text message about when it is time to think about bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, alterations, and more! It is so easy for these details to slip through the cracks when planning a wedding, so we take the pressure off our brides and send a little reminder!

The Ellens Experience

We hope you see that the Ellens Experience is unlike any other bridal experience out there. Over the last 10 years, our experience has been curated and refined to create unforgettable moments for our brides and their guests. We cant wait to share the Ellens Experience with you.

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