Northeast Indiana Florist and Boutique Rhinestones and Roses

Northeast Indiana Florist and Boutique Rhinestones and Roses

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Feb 20, 2020

This month, we are excited to feature the sisters of Rhinestones & Roses on our blog! From flowers to clothing and unique gifts, these girls do it all! Read below to learn about their growing business and how you can book them for your wedding!

Rhinestones & Roses Floral & Boutique Manchester Indiana

Owners Josi & Jentri at Rhinestones & Roses

What is Rhinestones & Roses?

Rhinestones & Roses is a top-rated full-service florist and womens clothing boutique. Thats rightyou can plan the flowers for your wedding AND find an amazing outfit for the honeymoon all in one place! Owners Josi and Jentri opened their boutique in February of 2016 in Manchester, IN with a strong focus on positively impacting their community and customers. The sisters got their start in floral design through their floriculture projects in 4-H, and Josi decided to continue learning about her passion by pursuing a degree in horticulture/floriculture at Purdue University. Aside from flowers, the boutique offers small gifts and gorgeous womens clothing. They also focus on giving back to the community through their sparkle apparel line which raises awareness for breast cancer.

Below is just a sample of the floral designs and products in their store!

As you can see, these girls are truly talented and have a strong passion for what they do! We got the chance to interview Josi and Jentri to learn more about how couples can book them as the florist for their wedding. Read our interview with them below to find out they can be a part of your big day!

What do you like most about being a floral designer?

What we love most about being floral designers is being able to make someones day no matter if its a happy or sad occasion. When they receive flowers, it always puts a smile on their face or brightens their day. As well as the first time a bride sees her bouquet and the other wedding flowers, its priceless and reminds us why we love doing what we do!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part would be bringing someones floral vision to life when its only in their head. Everyone has a different expectation or idea in their head, and sometimes its hard for them to put into words what they are envisioning. So places like Pinterest are wonderful tools to help the client visualize their ideas.

What does your training look like? How do you stay on top of the latest trends in wedding flowers?

I (Josi) have a Horticulture degree from Purdue with a focus on Floral Design. I have also worked at multiple floral shops and served as a Teaching Assistant in the Floral Design courses at Purdue. This gave my sister and me the foundation to start our own floral business. To keep on top of the latest trends, we attend multiple floral design classes a few times a year, read floral industry magazines, and use social media outlets to know what is trending.

Describe your style of flower arrangements.

We would describe our style of designing as free form with some structure. We love doing unique designs and using unique flowers whenever possible!

What should couples know about booking you for their wedding?

We love making unique bouquets for each of our couples. We listen to their must-haves and dislikes and incorporate it all into one of a kind bouquets for their wedding! We are willing to work with you to make sure the flowers fit within your budget if at all possible.

How far in advance do couples typically need to book your services?

We book anywhere from a year to a few months out. However, if you are planning on using us please book at least 6 months out to secure the date! We usually do accept multiple weddings on the same weekend.

What should couples prepare and bring with them to their first meeting with you? How many times do you typically meet with a bride and/or groom before the wedding day?

We have a bridal flower questionnaire we fill out with the couple when they meet with us. Sometimes we email it out ahead of time to better prepare them. We love when they bring pictures of flower ideas with them! We offer the first consultation for free. After that, it all depends on what services the client is needing from us.

What does it look like for you on a wedding day? What preparation is required? What do you have to do in the days leading up to a wedding?

On the wedding day, it all depends on what services the clients have hired us to do. If we are hired to set up the ceremony/reception sites, it starts early in the morning on the day of the wedding. If the client is picking up their wedding flowers at our shop, we have them ready to go when we open on that day. Preparations start several months out from designing the bouquets on paper to ordering the flowers. Then we usually get the wedding flowers on Monday or Wednesday before the wedding and start preparations for designing everything then. It can take a week to design everything or just one day depending on our services for that particular wedding.

What will your interaction with the bride and/or groom look like on the wedding day? What should they expect? Is it easier to work with a wedding coordinator?

We contact the couple a few weeks to a month out to confirm everything. Then on the day of the wedding, it depends if we will be delivering and doing setup or if they are picking up. If we are hired to deliver and setup, it will usually take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours to get everything set up. We discuss everything ahead of time so they know what to expect and if we need anything from them. For the couple, I think it is great for them to have at least a day of coordinator to keep things going smoothly. However, we usually prefer to deal with the couple so we can get to know them and know exactly what they like and dislike. It seems to make things go smoother when we work directly with the couple.

If you hire Rhinestones & Roses to deliver your flowers, you might see their new delivery truck pull up! Jirni (pictured above and sister of Josi and Jentri) frequently models for Rhinestones & Roses.

If you hire Rhinestones & Roses to deliver your flowers, you might see their new delivery truck pull up! Jirni (pictured above and sister of Josi and Jentri) frequently models for Rhinestones & Roses.

What do you wish people knew about your business?

Mother Nature is in control, so depending on the season you are getting married in, the colors, foliage, and mount of seeds or leaves may vary. Not everything you see on Pinterest is real flowers or colors. Photoshop and silk flowers could be used. Real flowers dont come in every shade or tone you may see online. We work with you to find alternative colors/flowers to keep the same theme/color scheme you are wanting.

Are there certain things a bride and/or groom can do to make the process of working with your business easier? What are some dos and don'ts?

Having ideas and pictures ahead of time definitely makes the consultation go faster and easier, but its okay to not know what you want. We will walk you through the process if you need us to. Silk flowers are not always cheaper than fresh flowers; dont pick out your flowers/colors if you are more than a year away from your wedding. Trends and preferences change.

What are some things couples should consider that are specific to flowers? Are there certain seasons for certain flowers? If so, what are the seasons for some popular wedding flowers?

Almost all flowers are available year-round, it may just depend on the season to how full or large their blooms are and what their color is at the time of the wedding. If you love peonies, try to plan your wedding around June. Dahlias are hard to get in the winter months. If you love Eucalyptus, yes it is available year-round, but I think it is always better towards the fall and winter and not so much in May or June. If you love fall colors like reds, burgundy, and rust colors, then late summer and fall are the prime time for them as well as grasses! Roses are great year-round. If you are planning a wedding around Valentines Day or Mothers Day, the prices will be higher.

Anything else you want to share?

Weddings are the highlight of our year! We love working with brides and grooms and making their wedding flower dreams come to life!


We learned so much from these wonderful women about what it takes to pull off their gorgeous wedding day floral designs. They are truly expert floral designers, and we so appreciate them taking the time to help educate our audience! If you want to see more of their designs and clothing, find them on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (buttons below).

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