Indiana Wedding DJ: DJ Jason Carpenter with DJ Sound Solution

Indiana Wedding DJ: DJ Jason Carpenter with DJ Sound Solution

Indiana Wedding DJ: DJ Jason Carpenter with DJ Sound Solution. Mobile Image

Nov 30, 2020

We are so excited to introduce our fellow wedding vendor of the month, DJ Jason Carpenter with DJ Sound Solution! Jason has been the DJ at many weddings we have coordinated, and he has been the emcee at our Northeast Indiana Bridal Spectacular Bridal Show! He knows how to get the party going, and your guests are sure to have fun when he is in charge of the reception! We sat down (virtually) with Jason to learn about his business and career as a DJ. Read our interview below to learn how you can book this Indiana Wedding DJ for your big day!


DJ Jason Carpenter, Owner of DJ Sound Solution

Tell us about yourself! When did you become a DJ? What made you decide to become a DJ, and what do you like most about your career?

I decided to become a DJ when I was a freshman in high school. That is when DJ Sound Solution was formed. I thought it was only going to be a high school and college thing to bring in some extra money, but I was wrong. It has continued, and its my full-time job. What I love about being a DJ is creating those moments, like the first dance with the bride and groom, the father/daughter dance, and the mother/son dance. Its the song they choose that makes it come to life. Its a great feeling!

What does your training look like? How do you stay on top of the latest trends in music?

I am always looking to improve myselfI sometimes video tape myself at a wedding to see how I am beside the booth. I look how my facial expressions are, and I listen to how I am speaking and listen to see if I say any particular words too much. I review it and change it for the next time I am out. On the music side, music is changing all the time. I belong to two music companies that keep up to date with what is going on. I review every week what is hot and what is not.

What should couples know about booking you for their wedding?

We book fast! If you have a date and need a DJ, you need to get ahold of us ASAP!

How far in advance do couples need to book your services?

Prime dates book out a year in advance; sometimes two years out.

What should couples prepare to bring with them to their first meeting with you? How many times do you typically meet with the couple prior to the wedding day?

For the first meeting with us, come with what YOUR vision of your reception looks like and we will go from there. We can meet as many times as you want via phone, face to face, or via web. We want to have a relationship with you.

Besides the music, what other things will couples need to consider? Lighting? Staging? Etc.

Up lighting makes the room! A monogram can personalize your reception, and we also carry a photo booth.

As the DJ, what does it look like for you on a wedding day? What preparation is required? What do you do during the ceremony? During the reception?

On YOUR wedding day, I arrive at your reception venue early to set up and do a test to make sure everything is working. If you are having a ceremony there, I also set up a system for that and make sure things are working. After everything is done, I find the bride and groom to see if they have any other questions for me. I go find the wedding coordinator or venue contact to look at their timeline to make sure we match up and to see if they have any questions. After that is all done, I go find a quiet place to go over my notes and say a little prayer for the couple for the night to go smoothly. Then I am ready to kick it off and celebrate!

What does your interaction with the couple look like on the wedding day? What should they expect? Is it easier to work with a wedding coordinator?

I am your emcee/DJ at your wedding reception. I will come up to you throughout the night to make sure things are good and you are happy. I will also ask if you want to hear anything. This is YOUR day and I want the focus to be on YOU!

What do you wish couples knew about your business?

We are family owned. You will know the day you book who your DJ is. That sets us apart from the rest. I have 8 DJs that work for me, and they are awesome. My company is also ranked in the top 5-percent nationwide demonstrating excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism in the wedding industry.

Are there certain things couples can do to make the process of working with your business easier? What are some dos and donts?

The more you are open about your reception the better it is to plan it. Have your music outline to us about a month before your reception date. Let us be the DJ, you hired us. We will read your crowd and go from there.

What are some things couples should consider that are specific to hiring a DJ? Is there a certain time of year that is busier? What should they consider when choosing a venue/space for the DJ?

When hiring a DJ, the earlier the better. April through October is the busiest for us. January, February, March, November, and December are not as busy. Make sure when you are picking a venue you can have the DJ near the dance floor. That is where the energy is. It is hard to read what is going on if you put your DJ in the corner of the room.

Where can couples find out more information about DJ Sound Solution?

Our office number is (317) 207-2300, or a good cell number is (765) 618-6098. You can also find us on our website (, Instagram, and Facebook.

Find DJ Sound Solution on Instagram at djsoundsolution. You can also find Jason on Facebook at DJ Sound Solution, and the link to their website is!

As someone who has seen Jason and other DJs on his team in action, I highly recommend DJ Sound Solution! They do a wonderful job at getting the party going and keeping the order of events moving at the reception. They truly take the lead on the timeline for the evening, allowing the bride and groom to sit back and enjoy every minute. They are professional and do a wonderful job at checking in with the bride and groom throughout the event to make sure things are going as planned. A huge thank you to Jason for taking the time to share this valuable information with our audience! Check out some of these action shots from some weddings by DJ Sound Solution! As you can see, the dance floor is always packed!

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