10 Things to Do for Your Wedding During the Quarantine

10 Things to Do for Your Wedding During the Quarantine

10 Things to Do for Your Wedding During the Quarantine. Mobile Image

Apr 07, 2020

Is anyone else going a little stir crazy right now? We completely agree with the recommendation from officials to stay at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, but we cant help but get a little antsy as we spend time at home. Many of you have had to postpone your wedding (or know someone who has). The bright side is that now you have some extra time to think through the wedding details a little more, and maybe you can check some things off your to-do list while you are spending some time at home! What are some things you could get done during this downtime to keep your wedding timeline on track?

1. Book a virtual bridesmaid, tuxedo/suit, and accessories appointment

We recently announced that we are offering virtual bridal, bridesmaid, tuxedo/suit, and accessories appointments. Have you struggled to find a time where your entire bridal party is available for an appointment? Right now is a great opportunity to gather your bridal party on a zoom call or FaceTime and make some decisions about their attire. We also want to get items ordered plenty in advance of the wedding date to ensure they have time to arrive!

2. Work on DIY wedding decor

Are you a DIY bride that plans on making signs and other decor items for the wedding? Even if your wedding is months away, take advantage of this time and get crafting! I made the mistake of waiting until the week of the wedding to start on some signs I was making for our wedding. It took twice as long as I planned, and instead of spending time with family that had arrived, I was out in the garage painting away. Someone once told me to plan like your wedding is a week before it actually is so that you have free time the week before the wedding to relax and spend time with family and friends.

3. Work on your wedding day timeline

Since you have some extra time on your hands, sit down and carefully think through the wedding day timeline. You might discover some details that you left out before, and now you have plenty of time to sort out those details! For example, I forgot about a knife for cutting the wedding cake until we started to go through the timeline a few days before the wedding!

4. Order thank you notes and pre-address them

Some think it is old-fashioned, but we still believe it is important to send hand-written thank you notes to guests that give you a wedding gift. Unfortunately, this does take quite a bit of time and cant be completed until after the wedding as you try to settle into married life. One thing you could do right now is fill out your return address and the address of those that have RSVPd that they are coming to the wedding. Chances are that they will bring some sort of gift, so then you are ahead when it is time to sit down and write those thank yous.

5. Create a playlist for cocktail hour and the reception

Discuss music choices for the cocktail hour and reception with your fiance. In addition to creating a must-play list, your DJ will likely ask for a do-not-play list!

6. Take some dance lessons by watching YouTube videos

Wanting to do something special for your first dance? YouTube is a great place to look for inspiration, and you can even find some videos that will teach you how to dance if you need a lesson or two!

7. Create a must-have list of wedding day photos

Spend some time on Pinterest and brainstorm ideas for unique wedding day photos. Bonus if you send your list to your photographer prior to the wedding. Your photographer will also create a wedding day timeline for photos, and it would be helpful information for them to have in advance!

8. Create a day of emergency kit

Emergency kits are sometimes an afterthought. Be prepared ahead of time and start putting together an emergency kit now! Some important things to consider are bandaids, breath mints, deodorant, hairspray, a stain stick, tape, a sewing kit, tissues, extra lip gloss, pain relief (e.g., Tylenol), something for an upset stomach, and some snacks.

9. Create a packing list for the honeymoon

Dont wait until the last minute to start packing for the honeymoon. I made the mistake of waiting and I was so tired from the wedding that I forgot some key items. At least start a checklist now when you arent as deep into the wedding planning and can think clearly!

10. Start the paperwork to change your last name

You might be surprised by how much paperwork and time it takes to change your name after the wedding. Get a jump start on the process by looking at your local courthouse, BMV/DMV, and social security websites to see what documentation you will need when it is time to change your last name. There are some great checklists on Pinterest that highlight all the places you will need to contact for a name change.

We know this isnt how you pictured the wedding planning process going, but make the most of the extra time you have and get some things checked off your to-do list. That way you can hit the ground running when businesses re-open for those details that require in-person meetings!

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