Common Fears Brides Have When Walking into a Bridal Store

Common Fears Brides Have When Walking into a Bridal Store

Common Fears Brides Have When Walking into a Bridal Store. Mobile Image

Jul 26, 2021

Buying your wedding gown is an exciting, special experience, and it is likely one that you have dreamt about for quite some time. However, it can also leave brides-to-be fearful of the experience. It is unlike anything you have ever done before, and stepping into such an unfamiliar situation can be intimidating. We are here to let you know you are not alone. Lets take a look at some common fears brides have when walking into a bridal store and how we alleviate those fears.

Fear #1: Im worried wedding gowns wont look good on me.orIm afraid that I wont find anything that suits my frame.

Have no fear, your Ellens bridal stylist is here! We are trained to know our gowns and how they fit on different frames. Plus, the construction of the wedding gowns that we allow in our store are unlike any other garment youve ever worn. There is structure inside the gown, which makes our wedding dresses hug and fit the frame in the most flattering ways. The fabrics used and the high-quality construction of the gown will make you feel amazing.

Fear #2: Budget

Many brides are worried that they will find something they like, but that it will be way out of their price range. We are transparent with our brides regarding the price of our gowns. The gowns in our store range from $900-$2,400 with the majority of our gowns falling in the $1,200-$1,500 range. We preface appointments with this information, and all of our gowns have the price tag on them for you to see. If you have a strict budget, we make sure to pull gowns that are within your goal price point. We know that budgeting a wedding is challenging, and we are willing to work out a payment plan to help you buy your dream wedding dress.

Fear #3: Pushy Bridal Consultants

Have you ever gone to a car dealership and your heart sinks as you see the sharks, I mean the sales associates, circling you to pressure you into buying a car? It seems like all they want to do is make a sale. Many brides have this same fear in their gut when they go to buy a wedding dress. We are here to tell you that shopping for your wedding dress should be a no-pressure situation. Are we excited when a bride says yes to the dress? Of course! But not because we made a sale. We are excited when a bride says yes to the dress because we know as an Ellens bride, she will receive the care and attention that she deserves throughout the entire process. We truly believe in supporting the bride, no matter what her decision is at the end of the appointment. Has this caused us to lose some sales? Perhaps. But we prefer to lose a couple of sales rather than pressure brides into saying yes to a dress that isnt their dream dress.

Fear #4: My Family Wont Like What I Like

This is a tricky one, but again, we are here to support you and help you. At times, it feels like the title bride protector should come after Bridal Consultant. We are trained to read the room and help advocate for our brides during the appointment. If you find your dream dress and one or multiple members of your entourage arent quite on board yet, we will work with you to help you express how you feel, and we will work with them to help them see how this gown captures your personality.

Fear #5: I wont Have the Bridal Moment

In every wedding-related movie, the bride has this big, emotional moment when she finds her wedding dress. Sometimes this happens. But guess whatit doesnt actually happen all that often. Dont be afraid if you dont cry when you find your wedding dress. It doesnt mean that it isnt the dress, it just means that those tearful emotions arent how you express finding your dream dress! Some brides do cry, others smile, while some have a calmness come over them. Worry less about crying, and more about the overall experience. It is the experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. How did you feel that day with your loved ones around you? How did the bridal store curate an experience to create that bridal moment for you? At Ellens, we have created an experience unlike any other that is sure to give you a bridal moment (or moments) that you will cherish forever.

Here are just a few of the common fears that brides have as they walk into a bridal salon to buy their wedding dress. Our goal is to create an experience that is safe so that you can make the best decision when finding your dream dress. Know that you arent alone in your fears during this process. Almost every bride has one fear or anotherbut we are here for you!

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