Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth K. Collection

Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth K. Collection

Ellen’s Bridal is so proud to announce the creation of our own private line of wedding gowns called the Elizabeth K. Collection!  


This collection is named for Elizabeth Keller, the first bride to register for a wedding in Wabash County, home to Ellen's Bridal. Their ceremony was performed at the Keller cabin near what is now Richvalley by Captain Elias Murray of Lagro in 1832.  


Since Richvalley was in Cass County, the Captain realized he had no jurisdiction over the area. Therefore, the entire wedding party rode east by horseback into what is now Wabash County, where the Captain married Elizabeth and her partner under the canopy of the open skies. The members of the wedding party celebrated at the Keller home after the ceremony.


Ellen’s Bridal is committed to honoring and celebrating the past, present and future of Wabash County! We are so unbelievably excited about these wedding gowns and wanted to show off some photos of some of them to offer you all a sneak peek: 








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